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Many people were aware of the covid-19 pandemic, primarily via social media or other sources of information. The news is widely available on the radio, in the newspaper, on television, and on social media. The information spreads panic, anxiety, and misinformation about the pandemic during and after the pandemic. Consequently, after the stop of the extent of Covid-19 virus, many researchers has been trying to stop the fears associated with the pandemic to enable people live together and continue their post covid-19 business. Librarians are already recognizing the possibilities of social media in offering up-to-date information to their voluminous user base in their responsibility of ensuring that patrons are properly informed on post Covid 19 integration. The study concluded that Librarians are tasked with reaching user populations in post Covid-19 and improving their access to current, pertinent information regarding the social integration is very useful. Librarians are required to gather, store, organize, and sort out the accurate information for their clients in this age of information explosion when thousands of bits of information are chunked out every day to prevent misinformation on post Covid-19. It was recommended in the study that the traditional means of library should be sustained, alongside the usage of social media platforms by the library and librarians.