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Summer 7-10-2023

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In this paper, we carry out a research on determining students’ attributes and utilization of information resources in academic libraries in Imo State. The study focused on four (4) Universities in Imo State with a sample of one hundred and twenty (120) respondents. The sample was drawn using a simple random sampling technique through questionnaires. The answer to the research questions were arrived at using the descriptive analysis while the hypotheses were tested using t-test. Our findings showed thus: That students ‘study in the library and balance their study time with recreation to avoid conflicts, these determine the students’ utilization of library resources in the Universities in Imo; That students find it fascinating to learn new information was why they come to the library; they come to the library to explore new ideas and when they learn something new, they like to find out more, that is why they visit the library. That the extent of students’ utilization of library resources is determined by students use of computer facilities provided to access electronic resources in the library, students use of the internet facilities provided by the library to have access to information resources for their assignment, etc. There was significant relationship between students’ study habit and the utilization of library resources in universities, that students’ intellectual curiosity significantly affects the utilization of library resources and finally, the students’ information literacy skill significantly affects the utilisation of library resources.