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The paper focuses on Influence of Librarians on curbing Monkey pox in Nigeria, it examines the concept of monkey pox and a brief history of it and how it got into Nigeria. Signs and symptom of monkey pox were also discussed as well as the mode of transmission which basically is through animals and from an infected person to the other. The paper further shows discussed the influence of librarians in curbing monkey pox in Nigeria. Four research objectives and four research questions were formulated for the study. Random sampling technique will be used to draw 250 health draws from the 3 senatorial zones were used as the population. The data collected use descriptive statistics analysis to generate frequencies and percentages to answer the research questions. Findings of the shows that monkey pox can be curbed in Benue State using various methods and strategies speculated. Monkey pox is a rare zoonotic viral infection caused by the monkey pox virus, a genus of Orthopoxvirus in the Pox family of viruses that includes smallpox, cowpox and vaccinia viruses. The clinical signs include enlarged lymph nodes, especially the sub-mental, submandibular, cervical, and inguinal nodes. Transmission is in two modes–animal to human and human to human. Prevention of contact with natural hosts of the virus will help to break the transmission from animal to human. Avoidance of contact with the body fluids and personal items of infected persons will prevent human-human transmission.