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The Eka Karya Botanical Garden Scientific Conservation Area is one of the Archival Units II which is included in the Archive Area Service of the National Research and Innovation Agency with the duties and responsibilities of managing inactive archives that have a retention of under 10 years. In archive rescue activities as a result of the merger of several institutions within BRIN, the existence of the Records Center really needs to be optimized as one of the strategic steps in the stages of archive rescue activities, especially those that have status as inactive archives. This paper aims to describe how to optimize the management of the existing Records Center in the Eka Karya Botanical Garden Scientific Conservation Area. The method used in writing this article was a descriptive method with an analytic approach, which is research that seeks to answer existing problems based on data. The volume of identified archives includes 994 odners which are archives from the Finance Unit, Personnel Unit and General Unit. Besides that, there are also 655 in the form of Folders/Binders, 63 documents, 3 containers and also in the form of units of 54 copies. With this number of records, it is hoped that the Records Center at KKI Botanical Gardens Eka Karya can be managed optimally in relation to its main function as an easily accessible inactive archive storage center.