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Summer 7-13-2023

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Study evaluated the usage and user satisfaction of electronic resources specially the subscribed electronic information resources among the professional staff members of the Faculty of Education, University of Colombo. All professional staff members of (31) the Faculty of Education, university of Colombo were the study population. The survey research design was conducted by sending Google forms. Total number of 31 questionnaires were circulated and 28 were resumed at the rate of 90%. Data was analysed by using descriptive statistics of frequency percentage and findings were presented in Tables and Charts.

Study revealed that the majority of the academic staff members (93.2%) are well aware of all subscribed journals particularly for the Faculty of Education. The consortium subscription by University Grants Commission was highly used by academic staff members of the Faculty of Education. Emerald database, Taylor and Francis and Oxford Journals are the databases subscribed by University grants Commission. The JSTOR database was used by 100%of the respondents which was subscribed by the Library, University of Colombo. The purposes for using the electronic resources were to conduct research, lecture preparation and updating knowledge. Few of them mentioned that they access electronic resources when the need arises.

Lack of resources, lack of training and insufficient time were the issues declared by them. Therefore, this study highly recommends subscribing to more electronic resources in the field of Education. Also to provide hands-on workshops and training to all staff members and continuous update of the library website. Library support should be facilitated in all aspects to support the academic community of University of Colombo.