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Spring 7-12-2023

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This paper looked at the current global paradigms in cataloguing and the significance and difficulties for library adoption in developing countries like Nigeria. The paper employed a four-sturdy approach to explore the subject. The first approach to the paper put forward the concept of library in the 21st century. The second approach focused on the dimension of information and communication technology in cataloging and the latest modern cataloging practices. The third approach compared cataloging practices in advanced countries with Nigeria, while the last approach expatiated the significances, problems, and methods for libraries in Nigeria to espouse. The paper enumerated some problems and methods that libraries in Nigeria and other emerging countries in Africa can embrace for instance, sufficient funding, adequate staff training, adequate provisions and prompt maintenance of infrastructure, elimination of corrupt practices, and so on. Although a lot of literature has appeared on the problems of ICT diffusion to library operations and management in Nigeria, only a few significant doable and practical strategies have been identified for solving the problems. The writer proffered the utilization of the latest development to cataloguing initiatives and suggested the adoption of new and workable strategies for the effective application of ICT to cataloguing operations.