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Spring 2023

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This paper examined the level of leadership and job performance of library personnel in University of Abuja, Nigeria. Survey research methodology was used with a total sample size of 202 library personnel in University of Abuja library using simple random sampling techniques. Data was collected mainly through questionnaire and analyzed using frequency distribution and descriptive statistics. The result revealed that the leadership of the University of Abuja library consulted his staff in taking decision at the same time a team player, friendly and provided mentorship to his subordinate. It was also revealed that respondents were of the opinion that leadership of the University of Abuja library encouraged staff to perform well in the job while others maintained that subordinate were relegated in the organization which is not healthy for any establishment. The result showed that the organizational performance was influenced by the leadership styles and personnel performance determined efficient and increase in job performance in University of Abuja library, while autocratic and transactional leadership style have less significant impacts on employee’s job performance in the university library. The study concluded that leadership in University of Abuja library should be concerned about policies that will influence library employees positively in the long run than negative policies by the University of Abuja and library management entirely.