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The widespread adoption of electronic resources, particularly in the realm of reading books, has transformed the landscape of academic libraries across the globe. This study explores the impact of e-resources on the reading habits and preferences of Central Library users at the University of Rajshahi. By analyzing the attitudes and experiences of students, faculty, and researchers, this research sheds light on the significance of e-resources in modern-day learning environments. The core purposes of the study are to investigate the trend and impact of using electronic resources, to explore the reasons, to know the benefits of using e-resources by the students. Out of 200 students only 85% students are familiar with e-resources. Only 90% of students use e-resources. They use e-resources for learning, reading, teaching, jobs, recreation, news etc. They use different types of e-resources such as e-books, e-journals, e-magazine, e-maps, e-news etc. They prefer mobile phones most to access e-resources. But due to a lack of adequate collection, high speed internet connection, proper knowledge, and infrastructure, they face many difficulties in using e-resources in the central library.