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The metaverse is a novice and innovative technology with a huge potential to revolutionise the digital world and provide a more immersive user experience. The study discusses the layers and technologies associated with the metaverse, potential applications of the metaverse in library and information services and its inherent challenges. Metaverse technology has recently gained attention, and literature was mainly found in blogs and websites, and few from research articles. After analysing those studies, the researchers have tried to visualise the future application of the metaverse in the libraries. The findings shows that libraries can leverage the metaverse technology to render more effective and immersive virtual services such as virtual tours, virtual exhibitions, virtual reference services, virtual learning spaces, organising LIS conferences and events, providing more effective LIS education and training and provide better library services for differently-abled people. The article will create awareness about this new technology and its possible applications in the library and information services.