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The study aimed to understand the present scenario of the Islamic University of Technology(IUT) Library, including service strength, resources, user expectations, etc. The researcher also tried to identify its use of it. User's expectations and identifies the loopholes. A formal questionnaire was formed and distributed to the final-year students who completed graduation last academic year(May. 2022). Recent, relevant articles are also reviewed to strengthen the research.SWOT analysis is also done., The IUT Library has been using around twenty-five different country uses, and their needs and expectations vary.Based on the output using the Excel diagram, the researcher found 40.76% of the user comes to the library for reading room use and are more interested in other things. Less priority, highest priority, drawbacks, etc., identified. University library professionals will be encouraged to evaluate their resources and user needs. This paper may help to develop library systems and services that libraries can develop based on the user's needs. After implementing the recommendations, further study may be conducted to know the progress.