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The study investigated the era of ICT competencies and job performance of librarians in some selected university libraries in North Central of Nigeria. A descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study consists of 171 professional and para professional librarians from Francis Sarwuan Tarka University library and Benue State University library. A total of 171 questionnaires were distributed only 133 were retrieved. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics mean and percentage mean score of 2.5 and above and percentage score of 50% were considered. The study revealed that ICT competencies possessed by Librarians are digital literacy skills, professional skills, computer skills and information retrieval skills. The study also affirmed that the ICT competencies as regards job performance of librarians are it enhanced service delivery, facilitates library administration, increases efficiency, reduced stress and also increases librarian’s confidence on the job. The study also revealed the challenges in developing and applying ICT competencies in respect to job performance as outdated and inadequate tools equipment, poor ICT skills because of lack of up to date and latest training, and insufficient access to ICT tools due to limited time on exposure to some of the equipments like the computer. The study recommends that librarians should be sensitized and provided training on digital literacy so as to improve their job output, there should be adequate provision of digital facilities in the library to encourage library staff to use them both for their personal need and meeting the needs of their users, and to align with global best practices, academic libraries should deploy approved library management software and packages for efficient and effective services to their patrons.