Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Fall 10-14-2023


The modern university library plays a pivotal role in supporting academic research and fostering a culture of learning. However, the landscape of book acquisition within these institutions has undergone significant transformation in recent years. This paper explores the challenges and opportunities faced by university libraries in acquiring books in the digital age. The challenges encompass issues such as budget constraints, evolving user preferences, and the rapid growth of digital resources. University libraries must navigate these challenges while maintaining a diverse and relevant collection to meet the needs of their academic community. On the other hand, the digital age offers new opportunities, including access to a vast array of electronic resources, improved collection management tools, and the potential for collaborative acquisition models. These opportunities have the potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of book acquisition processes. Through a comprehensive review of literature, case studies, and interviews with library professionals, this paper sheds light on the strategies employed by modern university libraries to address book acquisition challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. It also discusses the implications of these changes for the future of academic libraries and their vital role in supporting research and education.