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Date of this Version

Fall 10-14-2023


Assessing challenges in the serials library of a technical university involves identifying and analyzing various issues that may affect the management and accessibility of serial publications. This abstract provides a brief overview of these challenges:

The serials library of a technical university faces several significant challenges in today’s digital age. First, the transition from print to electronic formats has led to the need for robust digital infrastructure and resources. Ensuring seamless access to e-journals and databases, along with managing licenses and subscriptions, is paramount.

Second, budget constraints often limit the acquisition of costly serial subscriptions, impacting the library’s ability to provide access to cutting-edge research. Balancing the needs of students, faculty, and researchers with limited financial resources poses a constant challenge.

Third, staying up-to-date with the rapidly evolving academic publishing landscape and navigating complex licensing agreements require expertise and resources. Librarians must adapt to changing models of access and understand the implications of open access initiatives.

Fourth, ensuring discoverability of serials through effective cataloging and metadata management is crucial for users to find relevant resources efficiently. This involves addressing issues of metadata consistency and quality.

Lastly, the rise of interdisciplinary research necessitates a broader and more diverse serials collection, presenting challenges in collection development and management.

This assessment of challenges in the serials library of a technical university provides a foundation for further research and strategic planning to enhance the library’s effectiveness in supporting academic endeavors.