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The integration of technological methods, such as institutional repositories, databases and library websites holds the potential to significantly enhance the accessibility, customization, and collaborative development of Open Educational Resources (OER), transforming the landscape of open education. This study investigated Technological Methods and Promotion of Open Educational Resources in Rivers State Owned Libraries. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The populations of the study was 22 librarians in Rivers State Owned University Libraries. Census sampling technique was used since the population was not large. Questionnaire was used for data collection. A total of 19 copies of the questionnaires were found valid for analysis. The data was analyzed using Simple percentage. Findings from the study revealed that the open educational resources available in Rivers state owned libraries were Books, serial materials, research articles and papers, and online resources. Institutional repositories and databases were used in promoting open educational resources. There are challenges such as Lack of security policy, Funding and Sustainability, Lack of necessary digital literacy skills to effectively use and navigate online educational resources and insufficient technological infrastructure. It was recommended that libraries should provide library websites that will be adopted in promoting open educational resources in Rivers State owned libraries.