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Winter 1-19-2024

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Information services exposes us to the dos and don't in the field of academic thereby promoting the integrity of academics in the academic world.


Globalization and the new trends of information technology introduces us into the era of information explosion/information overload which has left libraries with no option than to be skeptical in regards to its stands on maintaining academic integrity among our present day scholars in their resources handling at the course of their academic ingenuities. On this regard, there's need for strict adherence to the copyright laws in the provisions of Information services. It is on this note that this paper focuses on the core functions of library and information services, the roles of Information services in the protection of intellectual property right, copyright laws in library usage, exposition of academic integrity in Information services, ways through which libraries can promote academic integrity using library and information services, the implications of plagiarism and finally evaluation. Hence the study recommends that there's need for libraries to lay serious emphasis on proper adherence to copyright acts as a way of promoting academic integrity among academic scholars and library users in general.