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Spring 1-11-2024

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The purpose of this study is to measure the service quality at the FAST H. U. Beg Library in Islamabad from the perspective of its users. The study also aims to report on the perceptions and expectations of users regarding the library's services. The methodology used was a survey approach, and data was collected from students, teachers, and staff members using a modified SERVQUAL questionnaire. The findings indicate that the library offers high-quality services and that users are satisfied with a range of its service quality qualities. The practical implication of this study is that it will encourage library professionals to evaluate and improve library services in their libraries. The research is limited to the FAST University H.U. Beg Library Islamabad Campus, and the originality and value of the research lie in its usefulness for professionals who would like to examine the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges faced by their library services and improve their quality. The research suggests that SERQUAL can be used to offer a systematic, regular evaluation of university libraries' performance in satisfying user expectations in Pakistan.