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Winter 1-12-2024

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The paper investigated research collaboration as a tool for professional development among Library and Information science Professionals in Nigeria. Survey research design was used for the study. The population of the study comprises of all the professional librarians of the Nigerian Library Association (NLA) members in Rivers and Delta states. The findings of the survey showed that the professional librarians as members of NLA Delta and Rivers States are highly involved in research collaboration. The study also revealed the relevance of research collaboration and it was observed that research collaboration brings about higher quality of result in the LIS profession and not for fun and pleasure. The study identified challenges such as lack of time, low cooperation among collaborators, technological issues, geographical distances and cultural difference along with other challenges that can affect research collaboration among LIS professionals. Finally, it was revealed that familiarity with digital technologies, openness among collaborators, and mutual respect amongst others can help to improve research collaboration in the LIS profession. The researchers made some strong recommendations that will foster research collaboration among LIS professionals