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The 21st century has witnessed an unprecedented surge in information availability, catalyzed by rapid digital advancements. This paradigm shift has not only transformed how information is generated and accessed but has also fundamentally altered the learning landscape. Within this dynamic context, the intersection of information literacy and learning emerges as a critical area of inquiry. Information literacy, once confined to library sciences, has evolved into a multidimensional competency encompassing adept navigation, critical evaluation, and judicious utilization of digital information sources. This review delves into the intricate relationship between information literacy and learning in the digital age, drawing from various theoretical frameworks. It aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of how information literacy influences and is influenced by the learning process. Additionally, the review provides practical insights for educators, policymakers, and practitioners seeking to foster robust information literacy skills. Ultimately, it lays the foundation for designing effective pedagogies and policies to empower learners in an information-abundant digital ecosystem.