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This study investigated the influence of ICT use and work ethics by librarians on library users’ satisfaction in public universities in Edo State; the descriptive survey research design was adopted; and the study population was 12,400 library users, with a sample size was 388, while the simple random sampling technique was adopted. The instrument for data collection was the structured questionnaire, and data collected was analysed using inferential statistics. Findings showed that ICT use had a strong influence on library users’ satisfaction (R2 = 0.448; F = 250.565; p = 0.001); work ethics had a weak influence on library users’ satisfaction (R2 = 0.222; F = 87.922; p = 0.001); while ICT use and work ethics had a high combined influence on library users’ satisfaction (Adj. R2 = 0.446; F = 125.698; p = 0.001). The research concluded that library users rarely patronised the library despite the high ICT usage skills and high ethical standard of librarians. The research recommended that there is the need to ensure library users’ satisfaction, while librarians embrace the use of ICTs and uphold high work ethics.