Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study has presented findings on the influence of SUBEB Libraries on the development of reading skills of primary school pupils in Oyo State, Nigeria. The study was conducted on SUBEB libraries located in Local Government Areas in Ibadan Township, which is the headquarter of Oyo State. A total number of 135 copies of questionnaire were administered on the respondents out of which only 133 were found useful for the study.

The major findings of the study revealed the inadequacy of reading promotion programmes in the SUBEB libraries selected for the study (113 or 91.1%). Even though the study revealed regular use of the library (74 or 60.2%), the attitude of the pupils towards reading were found to be negative (82 or 66.7%) which may be due to the fact that there were no interesting and relevant books that can attract the pupils to reading. The lack of other reading promotion programmes such as story hours and readers’ club may also be responsible for the negative attitude of the pupils towards reading. The findings further revealed textbooks as the only library material that the pupils use most whenever they visit the library which may mean that they go to the library only to do assignments relating to their class work.