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This paper examined newspapers and magazines as essential sources of information for students in Covenant University. A survey method was adopted for this research, and the instrument used for data collection was observation, and a self developed questionnaire. A total of 250 copies of the questionnaires were administered to students, only 215 were retrieved and used for the analysis.

Findings revealed that the most consulted newspapers by both male and female students are the Punch, the Nation, Guardian, and Complete Sports, while the most consulted magazines by both students are PC World, Popular Science, Leadership and Time magazine, but female students have more interest in fashion magazines like Ebony, Style, Allure and Life etc.

From the analysis it was discovered that a larger percentage of male students consult more newspapers than their female counterpart while female students consult magazines more. Findings also shows that students in Covenant University do not place high priority on educational information rather more priority is placed on general information like sports, current affairs, politics & entertainment etc.