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The present research has been carried out to investigate the influential factors upon commercializing research results in Islamic Azad University of Behbahan. The population includes 116 university professors among whom 92 are selected and studied through random sampling considering Morgan’s table. The methods are descriptive and experimental and data are collected using a researcher-made questionnaire. The literature has been reviewed and all influential factors upon commercializing research results have been extracted and classified in five individual, environmental-organizational, socio-cultural, statutory and commercial categories and investigated by 46 questions with 5 choices. Data are analyzed using description and deduction, mean, variance, standard deviation, one-sample T-test, independent T-test and variance. The findings indicate that the present condition of all factors are at an average level and have a meaningful difference with their optimum status. Also if is understood that all statistical subgroups show a meaningful difference among their ideas except for economical ones.