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Summer 2-27-2013


Motivation is of enormous importance with regard to enhancing performance in any organisation. This paper discusses motivation and performance of librarians in public universities in Ghana. The study examined motivation of librarians, the effect of motivation on performance, the views of librarians on motivation, the level of satisfaction of librarians and the effort the public university managements are making to motivate librarians. Through literature review, the concept of motivation and its effects on performance were discussed. Using a survey method, questionnaire were designed and distributed to seventy-two targeted librarians in six public universities in Ghana, out of this, sixty returned the duly completed questionnaire. The questionnaire sought to identify intrinsic and extrinsic factors which motivate librarians and how it affects their performance. The study revealed that the motivational level of librarians in public universities in Ghana is high and that the motivational level affects majority of librarians positively. The public university managements have made some efforts to motivate librarians but they need to do more to improve the current situation. The study concludes with some recommendations on how to improve motivational systems in place in public university libraries. The discussions in the paper provides some insights into intrinsic and extrinsic factors that motivate librarians in public universities in Ghana. The paper will therefore be of great value to managers in the public university libraries in Ghana and other developing countries in getting the best out of their staff if adequately motivated.



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