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Summer 4-18-2013


Bibliometric analysis for 160 theses and 739 thesis articles collected from the Botany Department at The University of Burdwan in eight subdivisions of Botany during 1960-2000 has been carried out to determine year wise productivity, authorship pattern and collaboration. The study has identified that the highest number of thesis submission was 40 during 1981-1985 and the highest number of article submission was 189 during 1976-1980. The highest 22 number of theses were guided by Balen Nandi. Authorship trend is towards multiauthored papers. The Degree of Collaboration is 0.70. The most prolific author was M.A Choudhuri who topped the list with 54 papers during the period 1960-2000 followed by A Mukherjee with 48 publications, P.S Basu with 31 publications, K Gupta with 30 publications and B Nandi, with 27 publications. Among the top ranking journals publishing the papers are from India with 373 (50.47 %) publications followed by Germany with 61(8.29 %) publications, China with 53(7.17 %) publications and Netherlands with 45(6.09 %) publications.



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