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The study surveyed information use and job performance of senior non-academic staff in Nigerian universities. Senior non-academic staff are responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of activities within the university. However, in the context of information use and job performance little or no evidence is found of any investigation done. Survey research design was employed to carry out the stud; the population comprised 112 approved universities in Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used to select 27 universities that took part in the study. 1804 senior non-academic staff comprised the sample size of the study. Structured questionnaire was used for data collection. Out of 1804 questionnaire distributed, 1270 were completed and returned. Descriptive statistics such as frequency count, mean, standard deviation and correlation was used to present the data. The study established among others that information sources used by senior non-academic staff in Nigerian universities were mostly online (internet, CD-ROM, etc.), print materials (books, journals, etc.); policy papers and subordinates in the office. Also, they found it easy accessing information from colleagues in the office, peers in the office and superiors in the office. Being in possession of information helped them to contribute meaningfully during group discussion and they easily pass on information to their co-workers that would help them to perform their work effectively. Hence, a positive relationship was found to exist between information sources used and job performance of senior non-academic staff in Nigerian universities. The study concluded that information use had positive relationship with job performance of senior non-academic staff in Nigerian universities, and therefore recommends provision of and/or extension of current awareness services and selective dissemination of information to senior non-academic staff by information professionals specifically, librarians. This will avail them the opportunity of accessing current and job related information for their day-to-day activities.



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