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Information is a resource that is naturally needed in all human endeavors. One can readily infer that information is indispensable in human life, hence a basic human need, which has an over-riding significance to all and sundry. Meanwhile, no country in the world can progress without providing free public library services to the citizens. However, this study is an examination of the information needs and characteristics of users of Oyo State Public Library, Nigeria. It investigates what constitutes the information needs of the library users, what services and resources are available in the library to meet their needs, what are the characteristics of the library users and what challenges do they face in meeting their needs. The population for the study comprises all the registered users of the library. From the total population of 1020 registered users, a sample of 180 (17.6%) was drawn and used for the study. Questionnaire was used in collecting data. Out of 180 copies of the questionnaire administered, 134 (74.4%) were completed and returned. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze data using frequency counts, tables and percentages. The findings showed that the majority of library users were students and they needed information that supports their education, which were sought mainly from their personal textbooks. The majority of the users obtained their needed information from library and the internet. The major constraint to accessing needed information was inadequacy of relevant materials. Periodic users’ studies and acquisition of current and relevant materials were suggested as possible solutions.