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Purpose- The present study is a bibliometric analysis of research papers of Utkal University published in various research journals of repute which were indexed in Scopus (officially known as Sciverse Scopus) during 2008 to 2012. It also identifies the annual growth of university publication, authorship pattern, author productivity, degree of collaboration, length of paper published, most prolific contributor, prolific institution/ organization, geographical distribution etc.

Design/ methodology/ approach- For information retrieval “Utkal University” and “India” were the keywords used as affiliation and “2008” to “2012” selected as the time span of the study, further, the result was refined only to “articles”. Finally, 447 research papers in different disciplines of science and technology retrieved and matched with Utkal University as “author’s affiliation”. The papers were analyzed according to their year-wise publication, authorship pattern, length of paper published, geographical distribution of papers etc., statistical techniques such as Lotka’s Inverse Square Law was used to identify author’s productivity and Bradford’s law used to determine scattering of literature in the publication pattern of the university during the period under study.

Findings- International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Prof. P. K. Panda and Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics were the most favoured journal, contributor and research area respectively during the period under study. The study also revealed that, out of 1702 contributor only 680 were affiliated to Utkal University with 1.53 average authors per paper and 0.66 productivity per author.

Research limitations/ implication- The present study has limitation by geographical area i.e. it covers only Utkal University and by time i.e. it covers only the research papers which were indexed during 2008 to 2012.

Originality/ value- The paper is the result of an original bibliometric analysis of the research papers of Utkal University which were indexed in Sciverse Scopus during 2008 to 2012.