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The textiles, clothing and design collection supports the teaching, research and service activities of the entire university community. Its primary audience is faculty, staff, and students of the Textiles, Clothing and Design Department in the College of Education and Human Sciences. The collection’s primary focus is support for the undergraduate and graduate curricula for textiles, clothing and design.

The textiles, clothing and design collection has strong interdisciplinary appeal and usage. The Department has a close relationship with the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film. Many students from the School, particularly those in the Master of Fine Arts in Costume Design program, enroll in Textiles, Clothing and Design courses and share its library resources. There is also a joint interest in library materials between Textiles, Clothing and Design and the Anthropology Department as well as with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. The Libraries have one of the largest quilt-related research collections in the United States. Consequently, quilt and textile materials are frequently used by quilt scholars not affiliated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as well as by the general public.