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Lee International Journal of Quality Innovation (2017) 3:9 DOI 10.1186/s40887-017-0018-5


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This is an inspiring book about DreamMakers, those individuals and organizations that have the audacity to rethink, redesign, and co-create a new world view of doing well by doing good. These dream makers aspire to reset the workings of the world to alleviate major ills and problems that societies face today. To understand and appreciate this book fully, we need to know about the author.

Michele Hunt is an extraordinarily successful lady with colorful professional background. Upon graduation from college (BA in Sociology from Eastern Michigan University and MA in Sociology from University of Detroit), she worked for 9 years at a male prison of the Michigan Department of Corrections as the state’s first female Deputy Warden of Rehabilitation Programs. Then, she moved on to Herman Miller, a Fortune 500 global office furniture company known for its people growing corporate culture through shared visions and values. She worked there for 13 years and rose to the position of Senior Vice President for People and reported directly to the wellknown CEO Max De Pree (author of Leadership is an Art). Then, Ms. Hunt was appointed as Director of the Federal Quality Institute by President Bill Clinton. Since 1995, Ms. Hunt has been running her own consulting firm for leadership development, organizational culture transformation, and of course DreamMakers projects. She has been a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and a popular consultant for major global corporations in the USA and abroad.