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Journal of Parasitology (March 1915) 1(3): 121-127.

Also appeared as Contributions from the Zoological Laboratory of the University of Illinois, number 40


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The ear of a mountain sheep at Estes Park, Colorado, USA, was found to be heavily infested with a Sarcoptid mite which was not the common scab mite of domesticated sheep but is new in this country.

This form is similar to a mite found in the ear of goats in the Pyrenees and in the Congo. Nevertheless there is reason to consider it a new species and it is named Psoroptes cervinae.

The complaint to which it gives rise is likely to be serious if its effects are like those of the related European form. The Bighorn has been very greatly reduced in numbers by other causes and this malady merits the closest attention as a real menace to its host.

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