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Mohr, Jakki J., and Ravipreet S. Sohi. "Communication flows in distribution channels: Impact on assessments of communication quality and satisfaction."Journal of Retailing 71.4 (1996): 393-415.


Copyright © 1995 by New York University. Used by permission.


We develop and test a model of the relationships between: (1) norms of information sharing and communication flows of frequency, bidirectionality, and formality, (2) these communication flows and dealers’ assessments of the quality of communication and satisfaction with communication; and (3) formality of communication flows and dealers’ distortion and withholding of information. Based on data collected with a survey mailed to a national sample of computer dealers, our findings offer insight on channels communication to both researchers and practitioners. By examining the impact of communication flows on summary judgments of communication, managers can focus their efforts on vital communication flows which stimulate positive assessments of communication, and which stymie less beneficial/detrimental communication behaviors (such as distortion and withholding of information).