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Report SPR-P1 (09) P319 Final Report 26-1114-0022-001


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Considerable data exists for soils that were tested and documented, both for native properties and properties with pozzolan stabilization. While the data exists there was no database for the Nebraska Department of Roads to retrieve this data for predicting soil properties. The conventional methods used to determine soil properties, such as maximum laboratory density and optimum moisture content, were tedious, labor intensive and time consuming. When soil stabilization is involved, more time and efforts are needed to determine maximum laboratory density, optimum moisture content and optimum pozzolan content. The objective of this project was to develop a computerized model to predict the soil properties of a given GI soil type using additives for soil stabilization. The model is able to predict the maximum laboratory density and optimum moisture content of native soil. Additionally the model can determine an optimum pozzolan percentage of soil stabilization.