Math in the Middle Institute Partnership


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Math in the Middle Institute Partnership, Action Research Project Report, in partial fulfillment of the MA Degree. Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. July 2008.


This action research investigates my sixth grade mathematics students’ ability to solve word problems after instruction and practice using a specific word problem summarization worksheet. The worksheet was designed to break down word problems into smaller parts, helping students comprehend them and, in turn, find success that would enhance their confidence and ability to successfully solve word problems. The worksheets each had a different type of word problem, such as one-step, hidden information, or extra information. The final worksheet consisted of a mixed review of each type of word problem previously practiced in class. Using different types of data collection processes, I discovered that repeated practice using the word problem summarization worksheet improved students’ attitudes toward solving word problems and also increased their ability to solve word problems successfully, as indicated by the results of a posttest. This research suggests that using the worksheet in the classroom is a way to help students find a more manageable way to organize steps in the problem solving process while also improving their abilities to successfully solve different types of word problems.