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Journal of Applied Physics 108, 103104 (2010)


Copyright 2010 American Institute of Physics.


Radiation detection demands new scintillators with high quantum efficiency, high energy resolution, and short luminescence lifetimes. Nanocomposites consisting of quantum dots and Ce3+ doped nanophosphors may be able to meet these requirements. Here, we report the luminescence enhancement of LaF3:Ce/CdTe nanocomposites which were synthesized by a wet chemistry method. CdTe quantum dots in LaF3:Ce/CdTe nanocomposites are converted into nanowires, while in LaF3 /CdTe nanocomposites no such conversion is observed. As a result, the CdTe luminescence in LaF3:Ce/CdTe nanocomposites is enhanced about five times, while in LaF3 /CdTe nanocomposites no enhancement was observed. Energy transfer, light reabsorption, and defect passivation are the likely reasons for the luminescence enhancement.