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Armghan, A.; Aliqab, K.; Alsharari, M.; Alsalman, O.; Parmar, J.; Patel, S.K. Design and Development of Ultrabroadband, High-Gain, and High-Isolation THz MIMO Antenna with a Complementary Split-Ring Resonator Metamaterial. Micromachines 2023, 14, 1328.


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The need for high-speed communication has created a way to design THz antennas that operate at high frequencies, speeds, and data rates. In this manuscript, a THz MIMO antenna is designed using a metamaterial. The two-port antenna design proposed uses a complementary splitring resonator patch. The design results are also compared with a simple patch antenna to show the improvement. The design shows a better isolation of 50 dB. A broadband width of 8.3 THz is achieved using this complementary split-ring resonator design. The percentage bandwidth is 90%, showing an ultrabroadband response. The highest gain of 10.34 dB is achieved with this design. Structural parametric optimization is applied to the complementary split-ring resonator MIMO antenna design. The designed antenna is also optimized by applying parametric optimization to different geometrical parameters. The optimized design has a 20 μm ground plane, 14 μm outer ring width, 6 μm inner ring width, and 1.6 μm substrate thickness. The proposed antenna with its broadband width, high gain, and high isolation could be applied in high-speed communication devices.