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Materials Research Proceedings 33 (2023) 347-354.


Used by permission.


Peridynamics is a novel nonlocal theory able to deal with discontinuities, such as crack initiation and propagation. Near the boundaries, due to the incomplete nonlocal region, the peridynamic surface effect is present, and its reduction relies on using a very small horizon, which ends up being expensive computationally. Furthermore, the imposition of nonlocal boundary conditions in a local way is often required. The surface node method has been proposed to solve both the aforementioned issues, providing enhanced accuracy near the boundaries of the body. This method has been verified in the cases of quasi-static elastic problems and diffusion problems evolving over time, but it has never been applied to a elastodynamic problems. In this work, we show the capabilities of the surface node method to solve a peridynamic problem of elastic wave propagation in a homogeneous body. The numerical results converge to the corresponding peridynamic analytical solution under grid refinement and exhibit no unphysical fluctuations near the boundaries throughout the whole timespan of the simulation.