Wildlife Disease and Zoonotics



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Published in Proceedings from the Conference on Bovine Tuberculosis – March 2000.


Table of Contents:

The Challenge, USDA by Craig Reed, DVM; John Clifford, DVM

The Comprehensive Strategic Plan by Joe VanTiem, DVM, MS

Surveillance of Non-Cervid (Cattle and Goats) Livestock by Nathan Zauel, DVM

Surveillance of Bovine Tuberculosis in Michigan Captive Cervidae Mike VanderKlok, DVM Surveillance of Domestic Carnivores for Tuberculosis Steven L. Halstead, DVM, MS Human Health Update: Bovine Tuberculosis in Michigan by Barbara Robinson-Dunn, PhD; Mary Grace Stobierski, DVM, MPH

Risks Associated with M. bovis in Michigan Free-ranging White-tailed Deer by Barbara Corso, DVM, MS

Economic Impact of Wildlife-Related Recreation in the 5-County Area: An Update by Dennis Propst, PhD

Economic Costs of Bovine TB in Michigan Cattle by Christopher Wolf, PhD

Susceptibility of Raccoons to Infection with Mycobacterium bovis

Transmission of Mycobacterium bovis from Experimentally Infected White-tailed Deer to Cattle Through Indirect Contact.

Deer to Deer Transmission of Mycobacterium bovis

Survival Of Mycobacterium bovis on Feeds by Mitchell V. Palmer, DVM, PhD; Diana L. Whipple, BS, MS

Comparison of Post-mortem Techniques for the Detection of Mycobacterium bovis in White-tailed Deer

Experimental Inoculation of Mycobacterium bovis into Starlings and Crows by Scott Fitzgerald, DVM, PhD

Epidemiological Studies of M. bovis in Michigan Wildlife and Livestock Populations by J. B. Kaneene, DVM, MPH, PhD

Bovine Tuberculosis in Michigan

Bovine Tuberculosis Surveillance in Michigan Wildlife by Stephen M. Schmitt, DVM

Findings of the Baiting and Feeding Materials Workgroup by Pete Squibb, BS

Harvest Strategies for Deer: The Goal, Eradicate Bovine TB from Free-ranging Deer in Michigan by William E. Moritz, PhD

Apparent Prevalence of Mycobacterium bovis in Free-ranging Michigan White-tailed Deer by Dan O’Brien, DVM, PhD

Proposed Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Plan for Michigan Livestock: Surveillance

Enhanced Federal Partnership Opportunities

MDA Assistance Programs by H. Michael Chaddock, DVM

Statewide Slaughter Surveillance by George Winegar, DVM, MS

The Role of Wildlife in Maintaining Bovine Tuberculosis in New Zealand by Graham Nugent, BS, MS

Bovine Tuberculosis and the Role of Wildlife in Ireland by Ian O’Boyle, DVM

Genealogical Model for Transmission of Bovine Tuberculosis in Free-Ranging White-Tailed Deer in Michigan by Julie A. Blanchong, MS

Deer Movement Study by Scott R. Winterstein, PhD

Use of ElectroBraidTM Fencing for Exclusion of White-tailed Deer from Agricultural, Garden, and Forest Settings by Dean Premo, PhD

Results of an Epidemiologic Investigation for Mycobacterium bovis in Selected Wildlife Populations on the Island of Molokai, Hawaii by Robert M. Meyer, DVM, MS

Repelling Animals from Crops Using Plant Extracts by Stanley Ries, PhD