Wildlife Disease and Zoonotics



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What can I do to keep my herd bovine tuberculosis (TB)-free?
How can I make sure that the animals I buy come from a TB-free herd?
How can I make sure that the animals I buy have not been exposed to a TB-infected herd?
Are new animals introduced to my stockyard a threat?
How do I protect calves from disease exposure?
If there is a TB outbreak in my area, are there any additional biosecurity measures, above and beyond best practices that I should take to reduce the chance of my cows getting the disease?
What biosecurity measures can I take at sale barns, shows, and exhibitions to lower the risk of disease exposure?
How does animal identification help me maintain a healthy herd?
How does animal identification help if there is a TB detection or outbreak in my State?
What is traceability?
What is the traceability status of the United States?
What can producers like me do to improve disease tracing in the United States?
Why are cattle tested for TB getting tagged with a certain type of radio frequency identification (RFID) tag?
If my cows have to be tested for TB, will they have to be tagged? Does it have to be an RFID tag?
What are the benefits of animal identification Can I use NAIS-compliant 840 tags even if I’m not part of a TB-traceback/investigation?
Where can I get more information about these tags?
Do slaughtered TB animals enter the food chain?
If a herd has TB-positive animals in it, can slaughtered animals from the herd enter the food chain if they test negative for the disease?
Can TB transmission occur through eating infected bovine?
What can I do to help protect my family from bovine TB exposure?
If I am exposed to a TB-positive animal, will I get TB?