Mid-West Quarterly, The (1913-1918)


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Published in THE MID-WEST QUARTERLY 2:4 (July 1915), pp. 343-356. Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons & the University of Nebraska.


At the present time, when our whole educational system is under criticism, it would be remarkable if any tendency in university life were to escape the searching scrutiny of laity and schoolmen. University ideals and university organization have been exploited in books and articles without number. Everybody has taken part in the work of defining the respective powers of president and board, of determining the scope of student self-government, and the appropriate relations of the university to the community at large. With these large problems discussed to the point of universal exhaustion, we may well turn our attention to others, apparently, at least, of minor importance. Of these one that has long excited concern in the faculties and has occasionally received cursory treatment in the general press, is that of the professor who publishes.