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Published in The Russian Review, Vol. 58 Issue 3 (July 1999), pp. 484-485. Copyright © 1999 The Russian Review; published by Wiley/Blackwell. Used by permission.


This collection of thirteen essays by eminent scholars is devoted to such diverse topics as the city, the countryside, politics, satire, religion, psychology and society, philosophy in the nineteenth-century novel, the romantic tradition, the realist tradition, the modernist tradition, novelistic technique, gender, and theory, and is classified under four subheadings-setting, culture, literary tradition, and structures and reading. These are not encyclopedic articles, but they offer insights into the subjects by refemng briefly when relevant to important nineteenth- and twentieth-century novels. Each article is accommodated in about twenty pages. This book is a “real companion” to Slavic scholars, a boon to students of Russian literature, and informative for readers generally interested in finding out how any or all of those themes are tackled in Russian novels.