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BULLETIN OF The University of Nebraska State Museum, VOLUME 8, NUMBER 1 JUNE 1968, Pp. 1-187 Figs. 1-277


Copyright 1968 University of Nebraska


A systematic study of the acarine subfamily Trouessartinae (except Trouessartia) of the family Proctophyllodidae is presented. Diagnoses are given for the subfamily, five named genera and four new genera. The named genera and their type species are: Allanalges Trouessart, 1886, A. podagricus (Trouessart), 1886; Calcealges Gaud, 1952, C. cyathoplax Gaud, 1952; Hemicalcealges Gaud and Mouchet, 1957, H. margaropygus (Gaud and Mouchet), 1957; Pseudalges Radford, 1950, Proctophyllodes (Pterocolus) analgoides Trouessart, 1885; and Trouessartia Canestrini, 1899, Dermaleichus corvinus Koch, 1840. New genera and their type species are: Arthrogynalges, A. biovoidatus, new species; Bicentralges, B. orientalis, new species; Neocalcealges, N. inattditus, new species; and Uniscutalges, Proctophyllodes (Pterocolus) elegans Trouessart, 1886. Nineteen named and twenty.nine new species are recognized. The new species, their type hosts and localities are: Arthrogynalges biovoidatus, from Philepitta castanea (Philepittidae), Malagasy Republic; Bicentralges caulatus, from Stachyris nigriceps (Muscicapidae), Malaya; B. coalitus, from Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos (Eurylaimidae), Malaya; B. discinctus, from Min/a strigula (Muscicapidae), Malaya; B. longivasatus, from Malacopteron cinereum (Muscicapidae), Malaya; B. miscellus, from Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos (Eurylaimidae), Malaya; B. orientalis, from Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos (Eurylaimidae), Malaya; B. psarisomi, from Psarisomus dalhousiae (Eurylaimidae), Thailand; B. vebulla, from Stachyris nigricollis (Muscicapidae), Malaya; Calcealges batis, from Batis capensis (Muscicapidae), Republic of South Africa; C. malayensis, from Malacopteron cinereum (Muscicapidae), Malaya; C. montanus, from Phylloscopus trivirgatus parvirostris (Sylviidae), Malaya; C. novimundus, from Thamnophilus doliatus (Formicariidae), Trinidad; C. trinidadensis, from Myrmotherula axillaris (Formicariidae), Trinidad; C. viriosus, from Alcippe castaneceps (Muscicapidae), Malaya; Hemicalcealges heteropygus, from Lagonosticta jamesoni (Ploceidae), Mozambique; H. schistopygus, from Lonchura maja (Ploceidae), Malaya; Neocalcealges angustus, from Stachyris erythroptera (Muscicapidae), Malaya; N. cuspilobus, from Culicicapa ceylonensis (Muscicapidae), Malaya; N. emarginatus, from Garrulax mitratus (Muscicapidae), Malaya; N. inauditus, from Minla cyanouroptera sordidior (Muscicapidae), Malaya; N. segregatus, from Stachyris nigriceps davisoni (Muscicapidae), Malaya; N. undulatus, from Heterophasia picaoides (Muscicapidae), Malaya; Pseudalges inchoatarcus, from Dicrocercus hirundineus (Meropidae), Mozambique; Uniscutalges fissipilus, from Smilorhis leucotis kilimensis (Capitonidae), Tanzania; U. intermedius, from Lybius torquatus (Capitonidae), Mozambique; U. longilobus, from Gymnobucco bonapartei (Capitonidae), French Cameroons; U. nigrifasciatus, from Smilorhis leucotis kilimensis (Capitonidae), Tanzania; U. sigillatus, from Dendropicos fuscescens (Picidae), Mozambique.