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Prairie Naturalist (September 1978) 10(3): 65-70.


Copyright 1978, North Dakota Natural Science Society.


No definitive account of the mammals of South Dakota has been published and, therefore, the distribution of species occurring in that state is relatively poorly documented save for several geographically restricted faunal studies (Andersen and Jones 1971, on Harding County, Findley 1956, on Oay County, and Turner 1974, on the Black Hills, for example). Our own work in South Dakota began almost two decades ago, but in recent years has focued primarily on the unique environmental area in southern Bennett County. Three species of mammals for which we have important unpublished distributional records from the state are the eastern mole, the woodchuck, and the plains pocket gopher, and these data are herein reported.

Notes appear on the eastern mole, Scalopus aquaticus, the woodchuck, Marmota monax, and the Plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius.