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Prairie Naturalist ((September-December 1977) 9(3&4): 50-52.


Copyright 1977, North Dakota Natural Science Society. Used by permission.


The recent taxonomic study by Mahan et al. (1978) documented the occurrence of coyote (Canis latrans) x dog (c. familiaris) hybrids in Nebraska. This study, and those by Freeman (1976) in Oklahoma and Gipson et al. (1974) in Arkansas show coyote x dog hybrids, though not abundant, to be numerous in some areas. The purpose of the present study was to compare the stomach contents of coyote x dog hybrids collected by Mahan et al. (1978) from southeastern Nebraska with those of contemporary coyotes.

Stomachs of 12 coyote x dog hybrids and 16 coyotes collected November 1975 through April 1976 in southeastern Nebraska were examined and contents compared. Except for freezing the stomachs rather than storing them in formalin, procedures used for food habits analysis were similar to those used by Gipson (1974).