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Occasional Papers of the Museum of Texas Tech University (January 9, 1981) 72.


Copyright 1981, Texas Tech University. Used by permission.


In their comprehensive treatment of the bats of Trinidad, Goodwin and Greenhall (1961) reported 58 species from the island. Subsequent authors (Goodwin and Greenhall, 1962, 1964; Genoways et al., 1973a; LaVal, 1973a, 1973b) have added some species to the list and changed the status of others so that the known chiropteran fauna of Trinidad now comprises 64 species: five emballonurids, one noctilionid, four mormoopids, 36 phyllostomids (see Handley, 1980, for family-group names), one natalid, one furipterid, one thyropterid, seven vespertilionids, and eight molossids. Among the phyllostomids, the subfamilies Phyllostominae (15) and Stenodermatinae (14) are the best represented, whereas only a few species of the other three subfamilies Glossophaginae (four), Carolliinae (one), and Desmodontinae (two)-are present.

In this paper, we report additional data on 55 species. These data add to the available information concerning distribution, reproduction, and molt. Where appropriate, we have included taxonomic comments on the status of Trinidadian populations. Material reported here is the result of three collecting trips to Trinidad led by R.J. Baker.