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W. D. Matthew

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Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History (1902) v. 16.


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In I893 and I897 field-parties from the American Museum were sent out by Professor Osborn to collect in the Pleistocene at this locality, a bone-bed near the Niobrara River, not far from Hay Springs. A large collection of horse and camel remains was obtained, and a few specimens of other animals. The horses have been carefully studied by Mr. Gidley, the camels by Dr. Wortman; the remainder of the fauna has been revised and partially studied by the writer, but no results have hitherto been published. A list of the fauna may be of some interest to compare with that found in the Sheridan or Equus Beds at other localities. The appended lists, when based on materials in the Cope Collection, are from determinations by Professor Cope, revised in a few cases by the writer.