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Journal of Parasitology (1974) 60(4): 712-715.


Copyright © 1974, American Society of Parasitologists. Used by permission.


Two species of hypopial nyrnphs of mites of the family Glycyphagidae were recovered from Heteromys gaumeri from Yucatan, Mexico. Numerous specimens of a hypopus identified as Dermacarus ornatus. Fain were recovered from the hair and skin. A single specimen of an endoparasitic hypopus identified as a new genus and species, Neolabidophorus yucatanensis, was recovered from the hair follicles. The new genus differs from similar forms of the subfamily Metalabidophorinae in having a rudimentary clasper organ represented by a median sclerite behind legs IV without external serrated claspers, structure and slightly dorsal position of the tarsal solenidia on legs 1 and 11, and a modified pair of subpalposoinal setae on the median venter.

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