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August 1974


Published in THE JOURNAL OF PARASITOLOGY Vol. 60, No. 4, August 1974, p. 712-715. Copyright © 1974 American Society of Parasitologists (ASP). Used by permission.


Two species of hypopial nyrnphs of mites of the family Glycyphagidae were recovered from Heteromys gaumeri from Yucatan, Mexico. Numerous specimens of a hypopus identified as Dermacarus ornatus. Fain were recovered from the hair and skin. A single specimen of an endoparasitic hypopus identified as a new genus and species, Neolabidophorus yucatanensis, was recovered from the hair follicles. The new genus differs from similar forms of the subfamily Metalabidophorinae in having a rudimentary clasper organ represented by a median sclerite behind legs IV without external serrated claspers, structure and slightly dorsal position of the tarsal solenidia on legs I and 11, and a modified pair of subpalposoinal setae on the median venter.

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