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Journal of Mammalogy (1984) 65(4): 730-731.


Copyright © 1984, American Society of Mammalogists. Used by permission.


Mammals of the Northern Great Plains is an attractive clothbound book that comes in a colored dust jacket showing a female pronghorn walking in the snow. The book is produced in a double-column format set in a 47½ by 32½ pica typebed (I personally do not like the unjustified right-hand margins on both columns). The book contains 206 figures most of which are set in a single column. Of the 206 figures, 80 are distribution maps, 104 are photographs mostly of living animals, 20 are drawings used to illustrate keys or points made in the text, and two are maps of the potential natural vegetation and important physiographic features. The geographic ranges are shown by shading on the distribution maps. Where appropriate, distribution of subspecies are shown by differential shading. Some maps combine the ranges of more than one species. Dots are used only on maps for Tadarida brasiliensis and the combined map for Sorex merriami, S. nanus, and S. palustris.

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