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Mammalia (1968) 3(4).


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The first Recent record of the porcupine, Erethizon dorsatum, from Mexico comprised fragmentary remains associated with human occupancy from a cave east of Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila (Gilmore, 1947: 158-159). Later, Benson (1953 : 511-512) reported two specimens from western Sonora from < the lower flood plain of the Rio Sonora, close to the Gulf of California >> (one from 6 miles N Puerto Kino and the other from Rancho Santa Ana, about 45 miles W Hermosillo), and Dickerman (1962: 108) recorded the species from Hda. Las Margaritas in northern Coahuila. No additional reports of Recent porcupines from Mexico have come to our attention, and four specimens of Erethizon dorsatum couesi Mearns, 1897, in the Museum of Natural History from three states are therefore of note.

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