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Occasional Papers of the Museum of Texas Tech University (January 22, 1988) number 117.


Copyright 1988, Museum of Texas Tech University. Used by permission.


Bats of the genus Lasiurus present a number of interesting systematic problems that are difficult to resolve by traditional techniques. Members of the genus share a suite of derived morphological (Hall and Jones, 1961; Handley , 1960) and karyotypic (Bickham 1979, 1988) characteristics. However, until 1960 (Handley, 1960), members were placed in two genera- Lasiurus and Dasypterus-based primarily upon the presence or absence of the small, first upper premolar. Handley (1960) analyzed the differences and similarities among these two genera and concluded they were not distinct even at a subgeneric level. One goal of this study was to provide an estimate of genetic differentiation among the more divergent taxa in Lasiurus.