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This is the fifth of five on-line text files in which I assemble my research notes about boys’ bands and their bandmasters at the US government’s Native American off-reservation inter-tribal boarding schools. The present document began as an off-shoot from that project into local history concerning the School of Music associated with the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE around 1915-1925 and its role in preparing Native American young adults to appear on Circuit Chautauqua programs. They were often graduates of boarding school band programs, and the Haskell school band, in particular, made major Circuit Chautauqua tours with Native American soloists. I principally have put into some kind of order a mass of data that draws upon online digital newspapers and genealogy databases. What follows here is not a finished, polished document. Everything on offer is still work in progress, inconsistent in formatting and with missing data and the occasional typographical error. I invite queries, amplifications, and corrections, which may be directed to The present document is a first draft of December 2022.

This digital file begins with an introduction and then presents a chronology and itinerary of the career of American musician Thurlow Lieurance and his wife Edna Wooley Lieurance. Then there follows some brief biographical sketches of the professional lives of the principal Native American theatrical performers whose careers relate to boarding school musical training, Thurlow Lieurance, the University School of Music associated with the University of Nebraska, lyceum touring, and Circuit Chautauqua.

Pearl Archiquette, Oneida (“Godje”)

Fred Cardin, Quapaw-Miami (“Pejawah”)

Sansa Carey, Cherokee (“Teweta”)

Brazilia Dunn, Choctaw

Florence Evans, Creek (“Princess Tsianina”)

George La Mere, Ho-Chunk (“Hotonga”)

Lucy Nicolar, Penobscot (“Princess Watahwaso”)

William Reddie, Hayda (“Yelaye”)

Eloita Stidham, Creek (“Princess Oyapela”)

Mary Stone, Chickasaw (“Princess Ataloa”)

Elizabeth Thompson, Sioux (“Donanwin”)

Mary Thompson, Chickasaw (“Princess Te Ata”)

Joseph Bayhylle Shunatona, Pawnee-Otoe (“Charging Buffalo”)

Hannah Blue

Gene Burton

Leota Combs

Gladys Gooding

Margaret Mulowney

Minnie Stalder

Fannie Weinstock